Through our conversations, clients address the issues that brought them to therapy. When a client or couple  comes with a specific goal, we determine together what our focus is to be, and how we will recognize completion of the goals.  We explore how thought, emotion and actions work together.  We look at the things that have worked well and the ones that are not, finding strengths as well as needs of each individual and each couple. My intention is to help people discover what they can do to ease their suffering, while being real and whole with themselves and each other.

In some cases a more structured approach can be particularly helpful. Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD is a 12 or 13 session treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. It is a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for individuals, with a clearly defined treatment protocol. This approach is offered when there is a diagnosis of PTSD, and the client is wanting relief from PTSD symptoms, and chooses to commit to completing the protocol.